Find the Needle in your haystack

Don’t waste another second searching for your

Seam gives you instant access to all of your data, no matter where it is, so you can get your work done faster.

+35 Apps supported

Works with all the apps you already use — giving you a single place to search your data

Search anything

Find data faster

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    A single search across all your apps

    Cut through the noise, remove bottlenecks, and get your team working faster

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    Contextual indexing for smarter results

    Some search apps only read titles. Seam looks at everything in context.

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Losing track of sht is
where the wheels start to fall off.

Discover how Seam helps everyone save time and work more productively.


Seam is the fastest & easiest way to access all your data

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Instantly search all your apps

Connect all of your applications and execute a single, intelligent search across anywhere your team works. Never waste time on repetitive, in-app search again.

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A dashboard that you'll never need to leave

Seam organizes your apps so you know where to focus. See tasks, notifications, and comments together so you can concentrate on your most important work. No more tab overload.

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Easy setup and administration

Seam connects with all of your apps within minutes. Supervise and maintain control of your data with our intuitive admin panel.

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A simple way to take quick actions on tasks

Take action on tasks the moment you gather your insight, without moving through multiple tabs. Respond to messages or update statuses across apps from a single dashboard.

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Seam is secure

Seam uses Row-level permissioning to ensure users only see what they should. With both SaaS or on-prem hosting available, you decide where your data lives.

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Erin's team saves time with Seam

Our team was repeatedly doing keyword searches across different apps and it was slowing us down. We set up Seam with a few clicks. Within hours my team was more focused cause they could quickly pull critical data that was spread across several data sources.


Product manager